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Strategy and technology are closer connected than ever before and are demanding a Digital Transformation. Qhuba has the expertise to solve administrative, technological and organisational concerns. Developing a strategy is one thing, actually executing it is a whole different ball game. Let Qhuba’s experts help you



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Wouter Hasekamp

Founder and CEO of Qhuba

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Jessica van Beek

Partner Interim Professionals & Executive Search

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Karen Diaz Molina

Karen Diaz Molina

Recruiter Interim Professionals & Executive Search

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The SCOPE Model

Digital Transformation is hot and both consultants and IT suppliers use and abuse it often. Usually for solutions that only automate parts of the processes, with a focus on cutting costs. In our opinion, Digital Transformation is not only about extensive or smarter automation, but also about making better decisions with the help of data, transforming business models, changing corporate cultures and innovation. Whoever approaches the Digital Transformation from this broad perspective, will be able to formulate better objectives and set priorities. This translates into a more effective approach on all fronts, from the development of a business model, governance, business processes and IT strategy, to the implementation of the Enterprise Architecture, applications, infrastructure, data management and organisation.

The SCOPE Model

Testimonial Slider

"I think every company should have their own innovation planning. That cannot be outsourced. It is fine to ask for information from external parties, but you have to be the owner of your own Digital Transformation. That is what I like most about working with Qhuba. They share my vision. They are not trying to take over. They support, hold up a mirror, excite and can be a thorn in the flesh sometimes. But they always leave the responsibility where it belongs."
"It is smart to use an outsider for your Digital Transformation. Someone that can hold up a mirror, someone who keeps asking questions even when you think you have answered them all. Someone who helps you dig deeper and look further. Richard did that very well. He quickly gained trust of our employees because he didn’t make decisions for them, but let them gain the insight they needed so they themselves could come up with a better plan. That is essential, because this is not a transition you can completely leave with an external party. You have to do it yourself."
- CEO Von Essen Bank

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