Prepare the organisation for digital transformation

What they wanted

The organisation has been growing rapidly and had expanded internationally, the IT organisation needed to be professionalised in order to support these new demands. In particular, the system stability was a concern, the organisation design and team needed to be reviewed and a new strategy to support the business was required.

What we did

The first action was to stabilise the infrastructure and applications, which had recently been moved physically and virtualised across multiple locations. Basic processes were put in place to manage incidents. A holistic control methodology was created based on the compliance framework, and this was used as a basis for continued improvement. A new organisation design was finalised and IT managers were appointed and hired. Strategically, a review of the landscape was completed and it was concluded that the technologies in place could support the business much better when a layered architecture is adopted.

What we achieved

The IT budgets had been reduced from previous years, and we were able to complete the improvements within the given constraints. The employee satisfaction of the IT staff improved, and the survey results from the rest of the organisation about services provided by IT improved. The audit results improved during the period, and there is an improvement plan defined to continue maturing. The architectural design was approved by the MT for funding and has started. Included in this programme is the cultural shift to a more agile approach to change.

What they said

“The Qhuba team brought a pragmatic approach, clarified the IT strategy with the management team, and was able to achieve much more within the budgets available.” – Chief Financial Officer

“It was a the perfect match and more than that; the competence level, integrity and the will to perform beyond expectations is apparently the Qhuba signature.” – Chief Operating Officer