Coaching process for growing into a new management function

What they wanted

The new CEO of ABN AMRO had not yet performed on this level in the organisation.
Giving the severity of the new role adequate but short term coaching sessions were

What we did

Beforehand there were a few assessments to chart and sharpen the wanted or needed development. Then, based on specific and practical cases, the required level was successfully achieved.

What we have achieved

The result was extremely good. More confidence, more commitment and a positive a positive focus on results based on their own ability were the most important progress points.

What the client said

NPS 8/10.

“The coaching has been more than just supporting me in realising my new position. In particular, learning how to deal with new, often more political, relationships and developing an adequate and lively presentation for groups at level have helped me greatly in the personal development of my position. ”

– Participant coaching course ABN AMRO