Global Collect

Global Collect
Create uniformity in the implementation of products and services

What they wanted

Global collect is a major player in the online payments field. Qhuba has helped them get a better overview and more structure in their processes. Qhuba also helped to upgrade the current technology and architecture and expand their capacity. All of this has been merged into a big project called Project Excellence.

What we did

Qhuba implemented a completely new front and back office for Global Collect. Besides the technical aspect, a lot of attention went into coaching and making sure the staff could handle all the changes within the company. Qhuba also examined the decision-making processes within the company and established a better governance structure.

What we achieved

Qhuba helped Global Collect achieve more clarity on the decision-making process through a clear governance structure. The staff also has a better overview of the various projects and the person who’s responsible for them through the implementation of the new front and back office