Advice for the successful implementation of a new business model

What they wanted

Kramp is a total supplier of spare components, technical services and business solutions for companies in the agriculture, garden and parks and earthworks industry or OEM. Kramp asked for Qhuba’s help because they needed broader strategic knowledge and insight into the impact of the changed business models on IT and vice versa.

What we did

Qhuba gave various workshops for the Board of Directors of Kramp to update them on the developments in the IT landscape and the impact of these developments on the management. To make the new business model possible and successful Qhuba advised Kramp about the IT strategy and required organisational reconstruction. The new business model also had an impact on the IT support for the Customer Journeys.

What we achieved

Kramp was very satisfied with de services that Qhuba supplied. Kramp and Qhuba also started a follow-up project for the management focused on MDM