Implementatie of a new information and communication system

What they wanted

The growth of Portbase has shown that the current communication and information system is no longer sufficient. Qhuba was therefore called on to map the current difficulties and to optimise the system. Within this project both internal and external parties played a major role through privacy and competition-sensitive information processed by this system.

What we did

Qhuba has, together with the CIO, analysed the current system according to the SCOPE model. In addition, input was requested from customers and internal users. Based on this information, a project plan had been drawn up and the new optimised system has been implemented. An important part of this system is the different desires of customers and users and the choices that can be made between which data is and is not shared.

What we achieved

After the implementation of the new system, it has become easier for Portbase and its customers to share data with each other. This is important for speeding up the loading and unloading time, makes it easier for customs to check loads ánd makes it easier to see if there are processes that can be optimised. This ensures that the Dutch ports keep their important competitive position.