Radboud UMC

Radboud UMC
Implementing Project Portfolio Management within the Information Management department

What they wanted

The Radboud UMC is a University Medical Center in Nijmegen. They have asked Qhuba to help them get a grip on the many initiatives in the field of Digital Transformation.

What we did

Qhuba has implemented portfolio management and deployed an interim Portfolio Manager, with the following responsibilities:

  • Managing 20 Project Managers and 8 Service Managers
  • Ensuring the delivery of around 50 projects per year within budget and planning in accordance with requirements.
  • Drafting and monitoring the portfolio of IT projects and projects with a large IT component for the Radboud UMC
  • Drafting a multiple year project calendar (approximately € 20 million)

What we achieved

Portfolio Management has been successfully implemented to the satisfaction of the client. The interim portfolio manager was hired by Radboud UMC after the project was finished.