Van Oord

Van Oord
Coordination of IT strategy and investments through Portfolio Management

Reconciliation of IT strategy and investments through portfolio management for business strategy, business needs and opportunities.

What they wanted

After years of focussing on cost reduction and automation of their business processes Van Oord’s IT strategy had to be realigned with the business needs. Within various business units the IT challenges were solely identified and solved by that specific unit. This meant that on the one hand, resources were divided over a large number of projects and on the other hand opportunities for companywide improvements and integration were not being addressed.

What we did

Qhuba introduced a process for IT governance that ties together with the Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management. Qhuba also identified the first business needs based on the business strategy. This resulted in a vision document on computerisation, an “Information plan” and the appointment of a steering committee for IT investments which was organised and facilitated by Qhuba.

What we achieved

IT governance, Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management are institutionalised. Business initiatives can be approved and prioritised based on objective criteria and are funded, staffed and monitored within the entire portfolio of projects.

What they said

“IT is higher on the agenda of the Board and is seen more and more as a business partner” – Board member at Van Oord.