Van Oord

Van Oord
Setting up and implementing Strategic Workforce Planning

Qhuba has helped Van Oord with optimally deploying their workforce on projects and ships around the world.

What they wanted

Van Oord is a royal leading international dredging and offshore contractor. For a project driven organisation as Van Oord planning and deploying personnel effective and efficiently is key. Van Oord admitted that they did not have an optimised planning process. There is a limited overview of the skills of the entire workforce, the scheduling process was fragmented and not efficient at all. Which lead to a less than perfect match between employee and tasks and a cumbersome and inaccurate administrative process.

What we did

Qhuba started with analysing the old scheduling processes. Then, based on the new demands and desires we developed a new planning process. This new process design served as a starting point for selecting the appropriate new tool. Qhuba helped with the implementation of the new process and tool. This new process has also been the reason to change the organisational structure and related governance.

What we achieved

The business case for the implementation of the new process, tools and governance was based on the following cost reductions and optimisations:

  • Complete overview of the skills, availability and current location of the staff
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Reduction of external hiring
  • Better and quicker match between wanted and delivered skills
  • Reduction of systems and interfaces; Less IT costs
  • Reduction in travel expenses
  • Better information for the management including better compliance to maritime legislation

What they said

The project of Qhuba and Van Oord was mentioned specifically in the annual report of 2016

‘I have reported a significant professionalisation to the Board of Directors’ – COO Van Oord