In 2020, business worldwide has come to an abrupt stop, due to the Corona pandemic. An excellent time to re-think what we are doing and what is most important. Everyone seems to hope that things would go back to the way they were as soon as possible. Or maybe not: ever saw this one: “We can’t go back to normal, because normal was exactly the problem”?

There is some truth in that: we are more aware of the importance of being healthy, we travel less, there are no traffic jams, we spend more time with family, the air is cleaner, carbon emissions are down. Being careful and aware of responsibilities works!

After years in Strategy- and Technology Consulting we have decided to put more of our energy into sustainability.

Once we were the rebel in Information Technology en Digital Transformation. Our approach has always been not to focus solely on the challenge at hand, but to gain insight in the whole picture. We have called this the SCOPE approach. SCOPE being an acronym for Strategy, Context, Organisatie, Portfolio  and Execution.

Working in many companies, dealing with many people and travelling to many countries while working on Digital opporttunities, we became aware that sustainability was often no more than a theme for the marketing department. At the same time we became convinced that sustainability should be an integral part of every companies’ Strategy and culture. Again, compare this to Technology:  once it was not deemed strategic or “Chef-sache”, now it certainly is.

The three words People, Planet, Profit basically say it all.

Once you are prepared to look for a balance between the three, many opportunities materialize. For us Planet simply meant: let’s start going outside. Leave the office and look for what is happening around you. Are we helping or harming?

As a more or less direct result we started beekeeping, both in cities and in the free nature.

Another consequence was that Qhuba now is dedicated to sustainability and we have adapted our mission accordingly:

To address the challenges of social-, environmental- and economic sustainability, while creating personal impact together.”


Demystification of sustainability

Sustainability: what is it

Sustainability is a seemingly simple concept, but one that is surprisingly difficult to put into words

However, the most common definition is the one below:

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”. We cannot keep using, polluting or spoiling what our kids need, too. Time to look at the bigger picture.