Sustainability Sprint

Steps towards sustainability

With the sustainability simplicity sprint, that we developed together with, we co-create an experience with a group of people to define their sustainability agenda.

The goal: to enable participants to simplify their thinking about how to define and realize the sustainability ambitions of the company. The sprint provides clarity, confidence and control in achieving these ambitions.

The outcome is a documented scan of the current situation with regards to sustainability and what opportunities exist moving forward. Based on this, we jointly develop a roadmap detailing which tangible steps the team can focus on, to accelerate their performance.

This is a workshop in five half days, spread over a few weeks. Each session consists of a combination of inspirational instructions from the facilitators, individual and peer work based on the sustainability scan, and team engagement to achieve agreed alignment.

Day 1 : Spark:

We quickly bring the team up to speed on the scan approach and framework, and establish a first view of the current operation.

Day 2: Verify:

This session is to build on the previous quick version and challenge the team members to go deep into each of the fifteen areas of the scan and expand the list of sustainability projects and initiatives.

Day 3: Amplify:

Looking forward to what is possible beyond what is already being achieved, again with coaching questions based on the scan, and peer sessions to champion the value of the new ideas.

Day 4: Simplify:

Taking all of the previous work, making a good start at bringing the scan to a new, simplified version, and reviewing this from the perspective of the customer.

Day 5: Ignite:

Making the final decisions as a team on the future ambition and agreeing what initiatives are required and achievable over time. On day 5 the team will also present their results to senior management.

Ideally the group size is between 10 and 15 persons, a good mix of management and non management and a representation of different departments and organisational functions Different opinions and points of view by participants will improve the quality of the output.

Here you can read a case where we did the Sustainability Sprint.

Here you can listen to a podcast of the coaches who facilitated the Sprint, and here you can listen to a podcast of one of the participants in this Sustainability Sprint.

If you are interested in training your own employees as coaches for the Sustainability Sprint, please let us know. We can help training them so they can do the Sustainability Sprint within your organisation.

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