The client had developed an IT Platform geared to servicing multiple asset classes (currently fully developed for Mortage Loans and Consumer Loans). A significant number of applications (years in existence both newly developed or tailor made) are put together to provide a state of the art functionality. A number of these applications are SAAS based. The underlying infrastructure has- for the bigger part- recently migrated into the cloud (systems, data and various apps). Some of this migration is still ongoing. Infrastructure user support has been outsourced for the majority. Business app support is provided by vendors as well as internal IT resources.

The challenge

Whilst there is a need for constant innovation (at relatively low cost and short time to market) and making their platform a great solution for portfolio investors and other – international – servicers, they struggle to at the same time making sure the current IT environment provides them with a reliable and consistent performance whilst numerous projects and optimization needs require IT to further professionalize the platform as well as keeping the existing environment up and running. There is an urge for optimizing Change Management (making sure the everything that goes into production is well tested and stable), Vendor Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Business Continuity Planning and effective Information Security. IT is vital for them but they are not an IT company. The IT department is willing, people working very hard, but have lot on their plate.

The role

  • Thinking strategically and taking the client to the right innovation level, providing a state-of-the-art platform that stands out from the competition
  • Guarantee a near flawless uptime of the systems of the client and action on the high availability promise they make to their clients
  • Making sure everybody can do their job with the right IT environment
  • Facilitate equipment, availability and safety for the network and colleagues
  • Taking ownership and execute operational IT strategies and implement ISO/ISAE certification
  • Continuous improvement of processes and procedures
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues and stakeholders at all levels in the business
  • Lead by example and manage all the IT issues

Knowledge and experience

  • Master degree in Information Management / IT / Technical Business / Business informatics or equivalent education (WO)
  • Experience in Mortage Industry
  • Experience in SAAS implementations
  • Completed qualifications such as Six Sigma/LEAN/Scrum/ CISM
  • At least 10 years experience in a management function
  • Experience in an international environment
  • Knowledge of IT management frameworks and architecture: TOGAF, ITIL, COBIT
  • Program & Project management skills
  • Excellent Dutch and English speaking and writing

Soft Skills

  • Investigate – What is really preventing change and determine the steps to remove obstacles
  • Advocate – Gain support for the needed changes and engage people to participate
  • Encourage – the IT team to take risks and step outside their comfort zone whilst understanding the personal implications of people involved
  • Facilitate – Find ways to help people change. Make it easier for them
  • Mediate – Improve understanding and reduce friction between multiple stakeholders to they can collaborate to implement change
  • Advise – Share knowledge and demonstrate that IT can be relied upon
  • Manage – Ensure goals, targets, and due dates for each project. Keep people on track and accountable.

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