Qhuba’s Services

The term Digital Transformation is a hot topic and is used and abused by IT suppliers everywhere, usually offering solutions that only digitalise sub-processes. Our clients however, do understand that Digital Transformation means the end-to- end digitalisation of processes, but they, understandably, dread its extensive nature. Increasingly because of the lack of insight into how business processes and IT are related.

Strategy and technology are stronger linked than ever. Most organisations are not structured accordingly yet. Qhuba offers services that help with all aspects of a Digital Transformation: administrative, technological and change management challenges.

The Qhuba Approach

Qhuba literally means drive. The drive to help clients excel and become successful in this new
era where innovations come faster than ever. The drive to increase the flexibility of the IT environment of our clients, so they are one step ahead of the changes occurring in their market. The drive to connect people and multiply knowledge.

Qhuba facilitates organisations at the strategic level in their Digital Transformation and gets to the roots of things. We are organised in Practices, focusing on issues such as Business Technology Management, determining and implementing Digital Strategies, Process Optimisation and Data Management. Being organised in this way, gives us the opportunity to guide the Digital Transformation of an organisation from A to Z; from determining an Enterprise Architecture that fits with the strategic choices of the company, to execution at application and even data level. From technological areas to organisational changes, asking questions such as: how do I engage my staff in this time of change? Qhuba acts as a sparring partner in dealing with strategic challenges and can also provide devoted staff for the execution of IT projects.

Why choose Qhuba?

Because of Qhuba’s experience, background, quality and uniqueness, we create an atmosphere that is characterised by leadership, taking responsibility and focusing on continuous development. We are constantly focussed on delivering quantifiable results and concrete improvements. The time of billing by the hour has passed. It is time to provide services that clearly contribute to the success of the client.

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