To clarify the coherence between all the different parts of the Strategy Execution, we have introduced the SCOPE model. An acronym for Strategy – Context – Organisation – Portfolio – Execution.

After Strategy comes Context. It makes quite a difference for your objectives whether you are a trade organisation, a service provider or a producer. And are you aware of what is happening in your environment? But don’t just look at external factors, internal circumstances and restrictions also play an important role. In short, with the Context step you can answer the question: what is the market in which you operate and what are the market conditions looking like?

In addition to Context, you can also use the C of the SCOPE model for Control, Compliance or Cohesion. The most important aspect of this second step is that you look at the market around you and try to create coherence, while also taking into account legal regulations ánd customer demands. Not purely commit yourself to the minimum requirements to comply with the law, but taking that extra step so your customer is positively surprised.

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