OrganisationTo clarify the coherence between all the different parts of the Strategy Execution, we have introduced the SCOPE model. An acronym for Strategy – Context – Organisation – Portfolio – Execution.

After Strategy and Context we will discuss Organisation: who is responsible for what. How is leadership shaped? What does the organisational structure look like? What are the goals for each department or team? And how do these departments, teams and goals relate to each other? What type of organisation does a company need to be successful in the Digital World?

This digital age requires new skills and knowledge. Organisations that want to be successful in their field and consequent ecosystems must get their job profiles and processes in order for this new era. In this phase the concept of a digital organisation is created. This could include the possibilities or necessity for self steering teams, a plan for recruiting digital natives (before your competition hires them) and the challenge of managing partners and your network, etc.. The cultural change that is going to take place might be the effect of the new way of working, but could also have to do with the new young hires. In any case paying attention to the cultural change as well as the technological tends to be one of the key success factors.

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